Novaregio - InNOVAtive Network for coordinated actions on RTD policies at REGIOnal level

FP6 (VI. Kutatási és Technológiafejlesztési Program)
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InNOVAtive Network for coordinated actions on RTD policies at REGIOnal level
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2006, december - 2008, december
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There exists a great disparity of Research and Technology Development (RTD) efforts within European regions, no dedicated coordination actions and no concerted policies in the RTD sector between Peripheral Maritime and Central East regions, “the gap of networking activities among the regions within the EU can be demonstrated by the significant difference regarding innovation performances of the Member States”. NOVAREGIO will enhance the interaction between national policy design and regional implementation to foster networking and provide guidance to RTD policy makers through mutual learning, coordination and collaboration between 2 major European regional Networks: the “Central European Initiative” (CEI) and the “Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe” (CPMR) with the goal to ensure more efficient use of Structural Funds in supporting RTD investment, enhancing interaction between national policy design and regional implementation, thus fostering networking and providing guidance to policy makers in RTD matters. NOVAREGIO is structured in 3 main phases.

In Phase 1 NOVAREGIO created a Virtual “Centre”, a repository of knowledge and experience
to ensure long-term sustainability.

Phase 2 the project dealt with the development of national and regional capabilities through a benchmarking analysis of successful RTD policies within the regions: NOVAREGIO partners will be supported by their regional authorities. Out of identified 25 RTD Best Practice Policies, 10 will be benchmarked so to produce a BENCHMARKING Practice Manual for knowledge transfer actions.

In Phase 3 benchmarks were transferred among NOVAREGIO partners into their regions through 3
workshops and 3 seminars to establish a collaborative working environment and personnel exchange within networks. Following a spill-over effect those practices will be spread into farther regions.